High Five! Matching Gift Challenge
Help us Celebrate 5 years....
A small group of volunteers got together five years ago and formed Feline & Friends Foundation. Our team grew and with your help we've sterilized and vaccinated almost 2,600 local cats! We've fostered hundreds of tiny kittens and provided life saving major medical care to dozens of cats. We've driven the back roads knocking on barn doors and walked the streets in our communities to find the cats in greatest need. With your help we've made a huge impact in reducing the number of unwanted litters and made outdoor cats better neighbors!
Since April of 2013:
2,600 cats spayed/ neutered/ vaccinated
860 adoptable cats and kittens placed in homes
500 colonies & properties stabilized
Your Gift will go twice as far!
Thanks to continued generosity of Carl and Susan Taylor, every dollar you donate will be doubled up to $2,500! So together we'll raise $5,000 to continue our work. Here's how it works: $2,500 Challenge Gift + $2,500 Matching Gifts= $5,000

Now that's a "High Five" for our local cats.

We only have until the end of May to make this happen so please give now! Click here to Donate today!
Thank you for your support!
Your support has made a huge difference towards bettering the lives of our local cats and the families we serve.
The All-Volunteer Team of Felines & Friends Foundation

Denise Rossignol has donated her time, effort, and resources to made beautiful home-made postcards, note cards, and watercolor matte boards. She has made these stunning creations to help our foundation. If you would like to purchase any of her pieces of work, click on the Etsy logo to go see her amazing creations. All proceeds will go towards the Feline and Friends Foundation.