8th Annual Rhonda Libby Memorial Trail Ride:

A beautiful four hour scenic woods trail ride in Sutton, Vt on JUNE 9 th 2018, 9:30 am.  $25.00 Registration Fee.  All people who get $25.00 or more in pledges, in addition to the registration fee, will receive a free t-shirt or tank top.  Entry Fee: Includes lunch.  

Pre-Register by June 5 th by calling Connie 525-4003, Deb Libby 754-2587, Lesa Johnson 427-3031, Pam White 754-8416, Wayne Libby 754-2139.  

Let’s keep Rhonda’s memory alive doing the things she loved in life - Enjoy a horseback ride in her honor with proceeds going to local animal rescue groups.  Also honoring Sue Field.  Non- rider’s can make a donation or pledge someone who is riding. You must bring your own horse.

Yard Sale:  

The "first" yard sale at Alma's will be June 9th at 9:00 am.  BUT Alma had so much great stuff, she did a special "pre-yardsale" Tuesday night.    Wow - thank you so much to Alma and to Fay, Sue, Mary Lou and Lynn for working so hard on these sales. 

Tell your friends... we have a 15 ft Olde town canoe for sale - it looks brand new.  We are selling it for $850.00...hopefully.

Mark Your Calendars for Marko!:
Alma has been hard at work AGAIN! On August 24th, Alma has arranged for Marko, The Magician to come to us again... this time for a fundraiser. Many of us just loved his performance at the volunteer celebration at Alma and Steve's this winter. For this event, Marko, will also be doing magic AND hypnosis! It will be at the Elks with a silent auction before the show.

Quilt Raffle:  
Betsy Carpenter McDonald has donated a beautiful quilt.  Raffle tickets to win the quilt are being sold at $5 each/3 for $10.  The winner will be drawn on the August 24th.  Thank you AGAIN, Alma.  The flyer and tickets are attached - let's see how many we can sell this summer!!


Denise Rossignol has donated her time, effort, and resources to made beautiful home-made postcards, note cards, and watercolor matte boards. She has made these stunning creations to help our foundation. If you would like to purchase any of her pieces of work, click on the Etsy logo to go see her amazing creations. All proceeds will go towards the Feline and Friends Foundation.  

Thank you for your support!
Your support has made a huge difference towards bettering the lives of our local cats and the families we serve.
The All-Volunteer Team of Felines & Friends Foundation